RC Concept asked its iconic driver Reno Savoya what his feelings after the third round of the French Championship which brought together Elite and National drivers to make this round the biggest race of the French championship that was named the “Big Race”.

Hi Reno, this week-end was the “Big Race” in France, can you tell us more about this event ?

The Big Race is a new event organized by the French Federation where the Elite and the National drivers can meet for a 4 days race. This time it was in the middle of France in Viglain. 180 drivers were attending the event for 4 days, with a maximum track time. All driver enjoyed at least 2 hours on the track, with a great weather , a fantastic venue and a technical track. We got everything we were looking for: FUN!

How went your week-end ?

It was a great week-end for me. It was the perfect opportunity to share my knowledge and my experience with drivers from Elite and National. Usually on a 2 days event it is harder to find time, but this week-end was more relax and the National drivers were there … easier to help them. Concerning the result, I’m pretty happy with my 2nd. A win would have been better but given the level of the final we had with Tom Robin and the gap at the end of the race with the other drivers, I think it was a great training for the big events this summer. Same for the championship where I return to tie points for the title.

What engine did you use ? Did you change anything on the engine or around the engine ?

I used the new MC5X build “live” by Sébastien Chaffardon (Live build of the engine), All engines are the same at RC Concept and I just take one of the stock. I also use the 8mm reducer and the 2133 pipe for more power. I also use some fuel tubing around the muffler springs to avoid them from breaking.

Race conditions were really hard this week-end with more than 35C, it was hard for the mechanics, the drivers, but mostly for the cars and engines. I’ve seen a lot of flame out and engine tuning issues this week-end. For me it was perfect, no issues, more power than most of the others, more runtime with around 10 mins again. I even gave my spare engine to Thomas Massé who was in the lead of the National A-Main for most of the race and ended 2nd overall. No issues also.

How went the beginning of the season for you ? How do you prepare for the European Championship ?

Despite few mistakes during some major events this season I’m pretty satisfied. It’s only my second season with TLR/RC Concept and I’m now more confortable with it and I enjoy every races more. As the weather is better now, I will practice more on different tracks in order to be ready for the Euro. By the way if you have a bumpy track with some traction around you I will be happy to join you for some testing. 😉

Anything to add ?

Please feel free to contact me on Facebook or by email. I’m always available to help you with your RC Concept products. It’s the best products I’ve ever used and I’m sure you will be as happy as I am to use them.

Photos: circusrc.com