The first round of the Norwegian championship was hosted by the Honefoss RC Club at the Honefoss Raceway over the weekend.The forecast for the race was a mix of all kind of weather with a little rain in morning, then a little bit more heavy rain, and after more sun and more sun. So the drivers had a real challenge with setup and tyre choice, and track really changed in how bumpy and how smooth it was from qualifier round to qualifier round. Serpent team driver Daniel Kobbevik took the overall TQ by winning the first two qualifier rounds. The third round was won by Kyosho driver Rune Karlsen, fourth round was won by SWORKz driver Bjorn Ivar Haug.

The 45 minute A-Final was a close racing, since track was tight and difficult to pass, but it was bumpy so easy to make mistake. In the begining Rune Karlsen made mistake and tried to work up the field again, that ended with braking and front arm in trying to get up the field. After 28 laps he was out off the race. Bjorn Ivar got a little lead since his pace was a little faster than Yngve Ulfseth, and Daniel needed to be careful with passing, since big risk to go out off the line. But already in lap 2 Yngve did mistake, and Daniel could pass, and then start to try getting closer to Bjorn Ivar, after 2 laps he was steady 1 meter behind Bjorn Ivar, both drivers had 9 minutes fuel strategy, but unlucky for Bjorn he ran out off fuel just before fueling, so he lost valuable time. Daniel had then got the gap he needed for having a safe run. He was never threatened again during the race. So it was just to keep the ride on the wheels and get it through traffic.

  1. Daniel Kobbevik Serpent/Maxima/Maxima
  2. Yngve Ulfseth Mugen/Reds/Racing Experience
  3. Bjorn Ivar Haug Sworkz/OS/Racing Experience
  4. Danny Kwiatkowski Kyosho/Reds/Byron
  5. Hans Magne Berg Mugen/Reds/Racing Experience
  6. Morten Olaussen Kyosho/OS/Byron
  7. Lars Ivar Ronning Losi/Reds/Racing Experience
  8. Kenneth Bjorge Mugen/Reds/Racing Experience
  9. Egil Amtedal Serpent/OS/Runnertime
  10. Rune Karlsen Kyosho/OS/Byron

Thanks to Way to Win for the report.