This past weekend was held the first round of the XMG race at the XMG track in Dongguan, Southern part of China, about 80km away from Hong Kong border. Drivers from South China regions, Taiwan, Macau as well as Hong Kong attended this race. In changing conditions with rain, sunshine and muddy conditions, Jonathan Yeung from Hong Kong demonstrate his speed and consistency and set the fastest qualify round and the took overall TQ in E-Buggy.

Main finals were started at afternoon and small rain started right before the first A Main final. In the first A Main, Jonathan took the win from his dad Carson and Dong. When the second A Main was about to start, heavy rain began and race official decided to suspend the race and see if weather conditions will improve and allow to race. After further review on weather conditions, race official decided to cancel the remaining A Main finals leg 2 and leg 3 races and use leg 1 result as final ranking. Jonathan Yeung bring home the win from Carson Yeung in second and Dong in third.

Thanks to Carson Yeung for the report.