REDS Racing have introduced the all-new WR7 Diamond Edition engine. This 7 special porting extreme power engine is based on the famous R7 Worlds Edition engine that recently dominated The Dirt Nitro Challenge, the Silver State and several important competitions. REDS have decided to improve the previous limited version of the R7 Worlds Edition and provide the all-new WR7 Diamond Edition engine with a DLC Coated crankshaft and backplate for improved engine durability. The crankshaft can last approximately 3 times more than a standard crankshaft thanks to the extreme hardness of the diamond coating. Even the conrod life is lengthened about 50%.

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Furthermore, REDS have provided the WR7 with a brand new cooling head which features an innovative design for improved air flow in order to increase the cooling and guarantee a low gravity center. The new cooling head is 10% lighter than the standard ones. Moreover, REDS have preserved all REDS Racing engines features such as: HCX Carburetor, GEN2 venturi, Anti-Dirt Sealing System, and Mario Rossi Tuning. REDS Factory Team suggest the following setup:

  • Exhaust: REDS 2143 + S manifold or REDS 2104 + M manifold
  • Glow Plug: T5C
  • Clutch: REDS Quattro on H
  • Venturi: 6.5 – 7 mm

The WR7 Diamond Edition engine is available in 5 versions: WR7 Diamond Edition, WR7 Diamond Edition break in service by M.Rossi, WR7 Diamond Editionrace ready by E.Boots, WR7 Diamond Edition combo (WR7+2143+S) and WR7 Diamond Edition Quattro combo (WR7+2143+S+Quattro).