See: Top 25 RC

Neo 2017 is in the book and young Davide Ongaro continues to impress by taking a convincing win over a STACKED field. Boots and Tebo rounded out the top 3, but neither one of them had the speed to challenge Ongaro. The Neo race always brings the best drivers from around the world. With all the best drivers in attendance, it gives drivers a chance to take advantage and climbed the ranks while others will fall. The top 25 rankings saw movement all over the place on the list. Some notable changes were long time #1 Tessmann dropping another spot to land at #3 but has people right on his heals. Only .7 points separate the drivers ranked 3rd-6th (Tessmann, Boots, Lutz, and Ongaro).

Remember while looking at all the moves on the Top 25 RC ranking that 3 things are happening all at once that affects a drivers ranking.

  1. The 2017 Neo Race results are added if the driver attended (which again can help or hurt drivers).
  2. A race also moves out of the driver “most recent results” and goes to his “older results” which are valued less (if it’s a bad result – it will help that driver, if it’s a good result – it can hurt that driver)
  3. The Neo 2015 results fall out of the 2 year rolling time period, so they are removed from all the drivers (which again can help or hurt drivers).