Ty Tessmann emerged as a winner from what has been a highly contested and very eventful E-Buggy final. With the first dramatic turn of events taking place even before the start when Ryan Maifield’s speedo caught fire during the warm-up laps preventing the pole man from taking part into the race, the final would see only 14 cars on the starting grid with Ronnefalk starting ahead of the pack. The Swede’s leadership would only last 4 laps though, a mistake during lap 5 allowing Tessmann and Boots past.

Since the leading duo started to pull away from the rest of the pack the fight for the win was lit, the Canadian and the Brit running nose to tail – and wheel to wheel in quite a few occasions – until a mistake on the quad in lap 16 would cause Elliott’s electrics to shut down, the marshals rushing the car back to the pit lane. From that moment on it was cruising time for Tessmann, who sailed towards the win ahead of a recovering Ongaro and Darren Bloomfield.