Race report by Ali Bullail:

“The 2016-2017 season has come to an end few weeks ago. I’m very happy to finish what started as a bad season and claim my 7th pro nitro buggy national champion title. The season started few weeks after the WC in Vegas where I had the time to explore my new XB8 2016 car. We kicked off with two fun races where I managed to TQ and win both fun races point race 1: the track started to groove up really nice and our super high grip surface was present.

Point race 2: after few tweaking during practice, I got the car to run even easier and faster. I also TQ’ed the quals and started from pole for the A-main. After the 2nd point race, I had to try other brand shafts because I was snapping one after another during practice due to the high grip surface. I’ve also drilled the chassis to add more screws to the radio tray and eliminate a little bit of flex.

  • Point race 3: TQ and win
  • Point race 4: TQ and win
  • Point race 5: TQ and win
  • Point race 6: TQ and win
  • Point race 7: TQ and win

After winning 5 races in a row, I secured the overall win for the season with 8 points advance on 2nd. This is the first year for an XRAY driver to win the national championship here in Kuwait. I loved the car all season long. I would like to thank the local XRAY dealer (Pro-hobbies Kuwait) for their support during the season on and off the track. Next step is Neo Race with the XB8 2017, hope to see you all there.”