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Last weekend was held the first round of the Spanish nationals championship in Lebrija. Modelix Racing‘s Juan Carlos Canas would sweep the nitro buggy class by TQing and winning in the 45-minute final in front of Mugen’s Robert Batlle in second and HB Racing driver Ignacio Candel in third.

Final results:

  1. Juan Carlos Canas 
  2. Robert Batlle
  3. Ignacio Candel 
  4. Byran Baldo 
  5. Oscar Baldo
  6. Oscal Navarro 
  7. Javi Pombo 
  8. Zacarias Villalba 
  9. Jose T. Escudero 
  10. Alex Daras 
  11. Dani Vega 
  12. Manu Inesta 
  13. Borja Hernandez