With Ryan Maifield having swept the E-Buggy final many expected him to clean up in truggy as well having dominated the DNC a few weeks ago, that was the case until Ryan Lutz had other ideas…

Just before the main event, rather surprisingly, part of the track pipe was removed after the far right double, with cars landing on it all weekend, it was perhaps a little damaged, thus the race was run with a lack of pipe in that section, much to the bizarre bemusement of several drivers.

The start saw Maifield lead out with Lutz sneaking by Tessmann, the trio looking fast and racy, however it wasn’t long before Lutz crashed and would drop quite a bit down, allowing Maifield and Tessmann to open up a gap to the rest of the pack.

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Tessmann snapping at Maifield’s heels would get by on lap 10 and hold the lead until lap 28, the pair swapping positions alternately, Maifield would edge infront and open up a gap to Tessmann, looking in control as Lutz worked his way into 3rd after fending off Jared Tebo.

Disaster struck Maifield however as a slightly hot engine flamed out whilst pitting for fuel, sending pitmen scrambling down to recover the stricken polesitter, after getting re-fired quickly Maifield was out on track, man-on-a-mission. He quickly disposted of Tebo running solidly in 4th and looked like he would haul himself back into contention up front as Tessmann suddenly found his newly inherited lead under threat from a rapid Ryan Lutz.

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As if a guided missile, Lutz took over the lead on lap 51, Tessmann clearly pushing hard during the final making a few mistakes along the way, nonetheless managing to finish, however Lutz proved himself best of the bunch as he extended his lead late on. A big result for the Tekno driver further underlying the collective faith in the Tekno RC truck. 3rd for Maifield who wasn’t able to catch Tessmann quite enough, but will surely be fired up for the buggy main, 4th for Tebo and 5th for Phend having re-taken the spot that Ronnefalk stole on the penultimate lap.