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Returning to the scene of the 2016 IFMAR World Championships this weekend for the annual Silver State Nitro Challenge – one of the classic ‘majors’ of 1/8 buggy during the course of a season. We’re back in Las Vegas with the familiar backdrop of the Strip twinkling and luring new arrivals in all the time before sending them home to their wives with hangovers, regrets, thinner wallets but usually some wonderful memories.

Friday at the Silverstate got going with a schedule proposing two rounds of qualifying for the 131 drivers in total attending the event – significantly smaller than the Nitro Challenge some three weeks previously in Arizona. The track has seen a revamp with only a couple of sections surviving the Worlds – the raised table corner and brick section. The lighter turnout however means civilised hours, time for dinner,

Amongst the talking topics here this weekend is the conspicuous absence of Mr Ryan Cavalieri, Team Associated’s talisman and 4x Worlds winner. Rumours hint at a heated exchange a couple of weeks ago and subsequently Mr Cav has been put on the naughty step, placed on ‘ice’ or rather given a 4 week cooling off period and thus misses a couple of events including Silver state.

Onto the track action and two rounds of qualifying saw Ty Tessmann kick off proceedings TQ’ing Q1 of E-buggy infront of former team mate David Ronnefalk, amid some murmurings of ‘team-related’ blocking… 😉 Pro truck with all of 24 entries, Maifield out front comfortably with Ryan Lutz 2nd and Ty Tessmann 3rd running out of fuel on his last lap. In Pro Buggy Dakotah Phend strung together a great 7min run, some 3secs ahead of Worlds TQ Jared Tebo and Tessmann 3rd.