Schelle Racing Innovations have introduced several new option parts for the Team Associated B6 & B64. First up is the carbon fiber battery strap for the B64 and B64D. Machined from 2.5mm routed premium USA-made carbon fiber, its design does away with the slanted look of the kit plastic part and adds a complimentary design that runs parallel to the centerline of the pack. The Schelle design also has a slot for balance port access on the battery packs. it allows to use the kit mounting hardware or replace the kit parts with flat head M3 screws for the low-profile look.

See: Schelle Racing Innovations

Next up for the all new Team Associated B64, Schelle has 2 more carbon fiber options. Made from 2.5mm CNC routed premium USA-made carbon fiber, the first is the kit replacement steering arms, and the second is the optional Type 1 steering arms. The Type 1 steering arms increase Ackermann and give more steering in tight 180 turns and more entry steering while running thicker front diff oils.


Last but not least, Schelle is offering a 100% machined black delrin front tower wing mount for the B6. Made to compliment the Schelle line of B6 towers with bolt-on mount holes, the delrin mount is machined from solid plastic for more durability and stronger threads for the mount screws.