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The final round of the current Schumacher Indoor Masters Series was held at Worksop this past weekend. A fantastic entry once again of 154 competitors showed just how popular this series is these days. As always the qualifying format was round by round, with the best 2 results to count towards the final and grid position. In 2wd it was Danny McGee in fine form, taking TQ and to line up on pole position, ahead of Richard Lowe and Mitchell Fiddling. In the 4wd class it was Richard Lowe who managed to take TQ, this would line him up on pole, just ahead of Craig Collinson and James Helliwell.

Here are the A Final results and the photos of the top 3 in each class:

2wd A Final

  1. Danny McGee
  2. Richard Lowe
  3. Mitchell Fiddling
  4. Craig Collinson
  5. Ben Jemison
  6. Eugene Galley
  7. David Hall
  8. Chris Pattinson
  9. Edward Callan
  10. James Helliwell
  11. Greg Williams

4wd A Final

  1. Richard Lowe
  2. Greg Williams
  3. Jack Neal
  4. Danny McGee
  5. Steven Pierce
  6. James Helliwell
  7. Craig Collinson
  8. Edward Callan
  9. Chris Pattinson
  10. Ben Smith
  11. James Hart