The fourth round of WBC Cup took place this weekend in Söderhamn, Sweden. In 4wd qualifying Elias Johansson took the overall TQ. In the finals Johansson was able to sail off in front as all the other in the top three shot it out for the positions. There were many close battles and intense driving, and in the end Alexander Landén managed to move one up and salvage a second place overall. Wilhelm Skjöldebrand in third rounded out the top 3.

Top 10 4wd buggy

  1. Elias Johansson, TeamAssociated RC10 B64
  2. Alexander Landén XRAY XB4 ’17
  3. Wilhelm Skjöldebrand TeamAssociated RC10 B64
  4. Hugo Bjurman             XRAY XB4´17
  5. Tommy Bergfeldt Schumacher CAT K2
  6. Niclas Månsson TeamAssociated B64
  7. Sebastian Johansson Carisma 4XS
  8. Tobias Lindberg XRAY XB4
  9. Filippa Plyhm TeamAssociated RC10 B64
  10. Mikael Hedin Yokomo YZ-4

In truck it was Carl Fredrik Mathiesen who took the win in front of Alexander Landén, who made his first Swedish race in this class, and Klas Bredberg in third.