Rccck 1/8 nitro buggy season has come to an end. Again and again and again Pro Hobbies driver Ali Bullail tops the Kuwaiti championship after he TQed all rounds and won 5 rounds out of 6 which gave him a comfortable lead with his OS powered XRAY XB8 followed by Abdulaziz Mohammed with his OS powered MUGEN MBX7R followed by Mohammad Altarmoum with his OS powered KYOSHO MP9 TKI4 followed by Mohammed Alhajri with his MAXIMA powered MUGEN MBX7R and to complete the podium we saw Ali Alsheraziwith his OS powered KYOSHO MP9 TKI4. All members would express their sincere appreciation to the track master Mr Abdullah Alfalah for his outstanding efforts that he laid down all season long by having the track well prepared for all races.

This is what the 7 times national 1/8 buggy champion had to say!

“Another season is in the books! What started as a bad season turned around and smiled at me at the end! I had tons of fun racing with all my friends. The track was perfect all season long and the whole package was top notch! See you guys at Neo 🙂 Finally I would like to thank all my sponsors for their continues support. ProHobbies, Modelix, Ultimate Racing, Nitrolux, AKA, AVID, Deuthlon Racing and Stick-it 1 racing! Nothing would have been possible without your help and support!” – Ali Bullail.

Thanks to Mohammad Altarmoum for the report.