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Exotek have introduced a 4-piece split motor plate set and 4mm camber savers for the HB Racing D413. First up is the center motor plate, CNC machined from high quality 7075 aluminium, black anodized and polished. Its unique design allows to have quicker access to your center diff without the need to remove your top plates or removing the whole center bulkhead assemblies.

Simply remove the battery and top diff cover to release the 2 side plates so that the center diff comes out from the side which makes spur gear changes or diff changes a breeze on those intense race days. The set comes with hardware for the stock or Exotek top diff plates and uses the stock motor cam and clamp.

Next up are the 4mm camber savers.These aluminium camber saver plates will lock in your camber ball ends and help keep them from pulling out in hard side impacts. The alloy plates acts as a 2mm roll center washer but adds the special mounting hole to anchor the plate down in addition to the ball end- in effect doubling the strength of the bulkhead hole. The plates acts a 2mm roll center spacer so simply add more washers on top to change roll centers. Includes 2 black alloy camber saver plates with 2 steel mounting screws for use in bulkheads with 4mm hole spacing. Cars with 4mm camber hole spacing includes the HB Racing D413 and the Kyosho RB-6 series and ZX-6 series.