SWORKs have introduced the new S35-3E 1/8 E-buggy kit. For the past 7 years, SWORKz kept developing and improving their 1/8 off-road brushless buggies. After the successful debut of the SWORKz S350 EVO II Limited edition (2015-2016), they continued to follow SWORKz DNA and further build on the EVO II Limited edition. Ultimately SWORKz created the S35-3E E-Buggy.


The S35-3E newly designed arms are made from a strong standard nylon material. Optional carbon covers are available to adjust the arm’s stiffness.

A new front Ackerman steering system and a unique front shock tower design allow you to change the front upper angle position with ease.

The centre plastic BBD diff system provides better acceleration to the S35-3.E.

A new simple radio tray system gives better and more precise steering response. The T-7075 aluminum chassis come with several new designs. The L.F.C (Lower Friction Coefficient) chassis allow users to install 15-45g balance weight on the chassis CG position.

The S35-3E includes high quality parts, a refined shock system, more options and optimized suspension geometry. The SWORKz S35-3E kit comes standard with many SWORKz Factory Team option parts.

S35-3E Kit Features:

  • S35-3E Series T-7075 Aluminum Lightened Main Chassis with L.F.C system (Lower Friction Coefficient)
  • S35-3 Series Competition Rear Lower Arm Set.
  • S35 Series Competition Aluminum Rear Hubs.
  • S35-3 Series Competition Steering Plate.
  • S35-3 Series Competition Aluminum Steering Knuckle Plates.
  • S35-3 series L-BBS (Longer Big Bore Shocks) Pro Shock System Set.
  • S35 Series BBS Emulsion Shock Caps.
  • S35-3 Series Front and Rear Pro Shock Tower for Longer BBS shocks.
  • S35-3 Series Special Lightened 6mm Axle Wheel Hub system.
  • S35-3 Series 6mm Axle Universal Cross Drive Shafts.
  • New Center Diff transmission drive shaft system.
  • S35-3 Series Aluminum Rear Lower Fully Adjustable Toe-In Block system.
  • S35-3 Series Pro-composite Carbon Front Upper Arm Covers.
  • S35 Series Falcon 3 Clear Body Shell.