Last weekend was held a club race at the new Hasloh’s indoor track, in Hamburg area, Germany. This race was the first race from John Zuber as a team driver of the XRAY Junior World Factory Racing Team. The small and technical indoor track was a challenge for all drivers. In 2WD, John took the overall TQ and he was able to win the first A-Main. Unfortunately, he had bad luck in the following finals. A bad solder joint lead to a DNS in the 2nd A-Main, and in the third final a broken rear hanger forced him to abandon the race. Markus Grundmeier took the win in front of Marcel Schmidt in second and Fynn Sommer in third, while John finished at the 6th position.

2WD A-main results:

  1. Markus Grundmeier XB2 2017
  2. Marcel Schmidt
  3. Fynn Sommer 
  4. Kenny David Bender XB2 2017
  5. Olaf Stein XB2 2016
  6. Zuber John XB2 2017
  7. Joachim Behnken 
  8. Jamie Peters 

The 4WD class was very harsh. After qualifying John was on the 3rd spot. In the finals he managed to keep his position and finished 3rd at the end. Dennis Eichholz grabbed the win from Florian Müller in second.

4WD A-main results:

  1. Dennis Eichholz XB4 2015
  2. Florian Müller XB4 2015
  3. John  Zuber  XB4 2017
  4. Stephan Vogel XB4
  5. Ilias Reise
  6. Kai Sommer
  7. Michael Brozio XB4
  8. Heino Müller XB4
  9. Olaf Stein XB4 2016
  10. Lennert Spindler