“BC Hornets” hosted the annual 1/8 Indoor GP Bütschwil in Switzerland over the weekend. Many drivers attended the race from Germany, Austria, France, Italy and Switzerland. Just after the  indoor track was builded, the event started with practice then 4 rounds of qualifying. Team Associated driver Patrick Hofer took the overall TQ followed by Luca Rau and Aaron Münster. The 45 min final saw  a lot of action and a couple of exciting battles. Finally Patrick Hofer took the win in front of the joung german driver Aron Münster and Christoph Affolter from Team Nitro Swiss in third.

  1. Hofer Patrick
  2. Münster Aaron
  3. Affolter Christoph
  4. Hesse Max
  5. Heim Marc
  6. Lüber Ronny
  7. Burkhardt Roger
  8. Widmer Fabian
  9. Rau Luca
  10. Hinderer Tim
  11. Metsch Markus
  12. Zünd Sven

Thanks to Gerd and Chantale for the report.