Round four of the Islikon Masters was held at the HVBRS indoor track in Islikon, Switzerland. XRAY driver Florian Schmid would sweep the 4WD Buggy class by TQing and winning in front of this teammates Patrick Vogt in second and Adi Riederer in third.

Buggy 4WD A-main results:

  1. Florian Schmid XRAY XB4
  2. Patrick Vogt XRAY XB4
  3. Adi Riederer XRAY XB4
  4. Philipp Huber DURANGO
  5. Mario Di Bella XRAY XB4
  6. Daniel Fankhauser SCHUMACHER K2
  7. Steffen Hübscher XRAY XB4
  8. Daniel Caviezel SWORKz S104 EVO
  9. Benjamin Moos KYOSHO
  10. Elias Ehrmann XRAY XB4

In 2WD Buggy it was Philipp Huber who took the win from Schmid and Riederer, second and thirs respectively.

Buggy 2WD A-main results:

  1. Philipp Huber DURANGO
  2. Florian Schmid XRAY XB2
  3. Adi Riederer XRAY XB2
  4. Benjamin Moos KYOSHO
  5. Roger Frei ?
  6. Martin Weidmann XRAY XB2
  7. Michael Schätzle ASSO
  8. Christian Schumacher XRAY XB2
  9. Silvan Rhyner ASSOCIATED
  10. Michael Wuest TLR

In 2WD Stadium Truck, Philip Jeisy, already winner of the 3rd round of the Islikon Master took the win in front of Martin Weidmann and Reto Kellenberger.

2WD Stadium Truck A-main results:

  1. Philip Jeisy XRAY XT2
  2. Martin Weidmann XRAY XT2
  3. Reto Kellenberger T5M
  4. Silvio Pietroboni XRAY XT2
  5. Michael Schätzle XRAY XT2
  6. Hansrudi Embacher XRAY XT2
  7. Andy Zülle XRAY XT2
  8. Jan Dissler ASSO
  9. Manfred Guhl XRAY XT2