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The nature of the DNC is such that each of the daily three rounds of qualifying is run in varying track conditions (if you’re a pro) – a midday/lunchtime run followed by a late afternoon teatime go on track, ending with a dinnertime run… spot the connections! Its a race that puts you on a diet… a diet of curly fries, smoked turkey legs, sunburt noses, 5th scale monsters making noise, lovely sunsets and a constant hum of the freeway next door.

The final four heats of buggy qualifying for the pro class saw not too late a finish by DNC standards with a dinner-friendly time of 9PM, going into the final heat Elliott Boots had set a time which looked pretty solid. Opening up it was Ryan Lutz who held the pace until a mistake cost him, running just under a second behind World Champion David Ronnefalk found his way again after a wayward two rounds of quali, he stepped it up needing at least a top 5 finish in order to make it into the main. Maifield at that stage was running 2nd but after going wide after the woops he had Ronnefalk occupying corner real estate he wanted resulting in his Mugen rolling over, a subsequent slow marshall cost him 10 secs on a single lap.

Ty Tessmann had a round to forget, having pretty much secured TQ after two rounds with a 0 and a 2nd place, also strong rounds for Joao Figueiredo in 12th, however 11th placed Jared Tebo will be sorely disappointed ending up 13th overall and just missing the direct cut to the main along with new HB driver Cody King.