Thursday Photo Gallery | Q2 Results

2/3 of the way through qualifying in the nitro truck portion of the 2017 Dirt Nitro Challenge and the track is the major talking point (when isn’t it at RC events), and after a difficult yesterday the track’s most difficult sections had been eased slightly, in a bid to improve the driving experience. It’s a busy Joey creation with lots and lots of features thrown in, a 9 pack on the front, a bridge step off, unpopular woops section and of course slightly rain-battered surface, the trucks are making light work of the small bumps but the E-buggys struggle a bit.

After Lutz’s commanding performance in Q1, a few drivers chose to try and chase the conditions a little, with each conditions in each quali run so difference – time/temperature etc. Its not an easy task.

However Ryan Maifield would demonstrate that his Mugen truck is working well, topping the timesheets, this time reversing roles with Lutz. Spencer Rivkin would make it 3 cars in the top 3, but Joe Bornhorst baking up the Tekno Truck’s speed with a 4th. David Ronnefalk jumped up the timesheets after a poor Q1 to sit 7th whilst Alex Zanchettin, no doubt a very rare truck-racer appears to be quite comfortable with the bigger car. A retirement however for XRAY’s Ty Tessmann, the multiple time champion here at the DNC pulling off early with a CVD pin coming out from a proto part.