Reigning World Champion David Ronnefalk hit The Dirt running by doubling up on fastest consecutive laptimes during practice at the 2017 Dirt Nitro Challenge in Phoenix, AZ. Recalling the day in his end-of-day recap;

“Started at 8am and just finished my last run 30min ago at almost 1am!!! Everything went well today, sitting on the top of the sheets in both Truck and Buggy. Both 817 platforms were dialed on the MEGA rough and challenging track. This is the style I like it! E-buggy felt awesome too I just had a dead transponder so didnt get any laps in the seeding round. Will be alright for tomorrow!”

New AKA arrival Jared Tebo shared his thoughts on a track that sounds like it’s seperating the men from the boys, “12:45am and just finished my seeding run for nitro buggy 😱 wow the track is gnarly, but I had a good run to seed 3rd”.