Past weekend was held a club race at the Addiction RC Raceway in Ogden, Utah. In the 2WD Mod class it would be Brian Jenkins taking the TQ in qualifying followed by Joel Eaton. In finals, it was a 3 car battle for the win. Brian Jenkins with the TQ started out front and took off early. Eaton had a bobble due to brand new tyres and was 3rd in the opening laps. A bobble by Jenkins put Brady Anderson to the point with Eaton in close pursuit. A clean pass for the lead by Eaton on Anderson was the last time the lead would change hands just a few laps in. Anderson was able to keep toe for a few more laps until Eaton’s tyres finally broke in and he was able to click off high 14 second laps repeatedly to the end. Anderson in second and Jenkins rounded out the podium in third.