David Ronnefalk attended in the GP of Montpellier 2017 which took place in the south of France, near the Mediterranean sea where the weather, without being as cold as in Sweden, will be quite wet and invigorating. It had been 7 years since David had not returned to Montpellier for racing and he came surrounded by the inevitable Adrien Bertin and a friend, Per Nilsson, a talented photographer and videographer who will follow him throughout the weekend. Once back home with nice photos and videos, David published on his blog his report of the 2017 Montpellier GP.

“So my first real test of the year is over and it was the Montpellier GP. Seven years since last time I went to the race and I was really looking forward to get my 1/8 scale season going. Forecast was looking a bit scary before heading down to France but with everybody crossing their fingers I hoped we would be fine. In the end it worked out and we were able to complete the race, even though we had some rain indeed. Organisers made a stellar job on getting the track ready after each and every time we got some rain, truly an amazing effort by everybody!”

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