Last weekend was held the Thornhill Jr Club Race at the Thornhill Jr. track in Hutto, Texas. Thornhill Jr. suffered a bunch of damage from a storm so the Thornhill crew has decided to move on from this track and build a bigger and more permanent track which will be right next to the main track. In 2WD Mod buggy XRAY’s Ethan Lefebvre took the overall TQ and the win in front of Tyler Hooks in second and Alex Vaughan in third. 

In 2WD mod truck, Lefebvre took again the overall TQ. In the main he was able to get a decent lead and not make any mistakes and take the win from his teammate Alex Vaughan and Bill Delong, second and third respectively.

In 4WD mod buggy, after being qualified in 2nd Lefebvre will follow the leader, Tyler Hooks for the first 6 minutes in the Main final and with about 1 minute to go he ran into lap traffic problems letting Lefebvre get by and take the win. Chris Allison in third complete the 4WD podium.