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Past weekend was held round five of the Silverstone Winter Series where Schumacher team drivers have received pre-production versions of the new Cougar KC buggy. In 2WD Tom Yardy took the TQ and the win. In the final he was pushed hard by Charlie Ware. The two collided halfway through and Charlie showed great sportsmanship by giving the lead back to Tom. Tom held on to win by a tenth of a second, with Dave Poulter in 3rd. 4WD was won by Paul Crompton, from Lewis Jones and Matt Dodd. In Truck it was Richard Miller who took the win in front of Russell Lee in second and Daniel Gardner in third.

2WD results:

  1. Tom Yardy
  2. Charlie Ware
  3. Dave poulter
  4. Eugene Galley
  5. Jack Neal
  6. James Harrold
  7. Richard Barton
  8. Matt Dodd
  9. Ian Mellish
  10. Billy Fletcher

4WD results:

  1. Paul Crompton
  2. Lewis Jones
  3. Matt Dodd
  4. Felix de Hamel
  5. Callum Johnson
  6. Chris Ely
  7. Liam Galvin
  8. Dan Austin
  9. Billy Fletcher
  10. Mark Fletcher

Truck results:

  1. Richard Miller
  2. Russell Lee
  3. Daniel Gardner
  4. James York
  5. Chris Hampson
  6. Ben Lloyd
  7. Alan Day
  8. Jez Thorpe