Last weekend was held the round four of the MIO Oss Race. In 2WD qualification, XRAY’s Jarno Pijpers took the overall TQ. Jarno won the first final and was leading in the second final but he made a mistake and Wouter Wijnen took the lead. Jarno was able to get close again but didn’t have enough time to take over the lead. The third final was going to decide who was going to win. So with the start Jarno took the lead and tried to create some space and finally he won the race. In 4WD Nigel van Katwijk took the win in front of Arie Vos and David Pauwels second and third respectively.

2wd results:

  1. Jarno Pijpers – XRAY XB2
  2. Wouter Wijnen
  3. Steve Lambrechts
  4. Stephan Roufosse
  5. Sander van Genechten – XRAY XB2
  6. Rajco van der Sluijs
  7. Guy de Weerd
  8. Yolan de Weerd
  9. Rick van den Akker
  10. Jan Siewert – XRAY XB2

4wd results:

  1. Nigel van Katwijk
  2. David Pauwels – XRAY XB4
  3. Arie Vos – XRAY XB4
  4. Yolan de Weerd
  5. Bart van Echelpoel
  6. Robin Maas
  7. Jack Box – XRAY XB4
  8. Rajco van der Sluijs
  9. Jan Siewert – XRAY XB4
  10. Pieter Beekman