Winter Jumps RC off-road series continued in brand new RC track in the middle of Finland, in Äänekoski. The surface was the second slippery one this season as the rest four races (out of six) are held on carpet tracks. The race day started with domination of local Schumacher driver Touko Silpola. He was the fastest one in the practise rounds and in 2/4 qualification rounds as well. As Karri Salmela (Team Associated) got used to the track he got closer and closer to Touko and finally he was the fastest guy on the track. The battle behind Karri for the 2nd place was really tight one. Touko Silpola, Jarno Siltanen and Juho Rajaniemi had the change to reach the podium and at the end there were Juho and Jarno with Karri in top 3.

The final results in 2wd:

  1. Karri Salmela (Team Associated)
  2. Juho Rajaniemi (Team Associated)
  3. Jarno Siltanen (Schumacher)
  4. Touko Silpola (Schumacher)
  5. Lauri Ruotsalainen (Durango)
  6. Mikko Luopajärvi (Team Associated)
  7. Jamiel Gabrielsson (Team Associated)
  8. Konsta Saarinen (Team Xray)
  9. Tuomo Otsavaara (Team Xray)
  10. Ville Mäki (Team Associated)

On sunday it was time for the 4wd race. Joona Haatanen, who was not able to race on saturday, attended the 4wd race and was easily the front runner of the race. The race was much tighter than expected and it was Juho Rajaniemi who managed to take TQ and the victory before Joona and local young star Jamiel Gabrielsson.

The final results in 4wd:

  1. Juho Rajaniemi (Durango)
  2. Joona Haatanen (Team Associated)
  3. Jamiel Gabrielsson (Team Associated)
  4. Lauri Ruotsalainen (Durango)
  5. Konsta Saarinen (Team Xray)
  6. Tuomo Otsavaara (Team Xray)
  7. Jarno Siltanen (Schumacher)
  8. Mikko Luopajärvi (Team Associated)
  9. Markku Honkanen (Durango)
  10. Topi Salminen (Team Xray)

Thanks to Matti Eskelinen for the report.