The best possible scenario took place at the Montpellier GP. After two rounds of qualifying won by Davide Ongaro, Elliott Boots asserts himself as his most serious challenger and adds a victory in Q4 after that obtained in Q3. Obviously Davide was more at ease yesterday, in challenging weather conditions than today with a mild weather and a dry track. Elliott will drive at a supersonic speed with a lap time under 35sec with an amazing lap in 34.605! He is ahead more than 6sec from David Ronnefalk finally back in the business. After fast rounds but dotted with mistakes, David made un round more in line with his talent. Not far behind the Swedish driver Robert Batlle rises and seems to get faster every time he puts his Mugen on the track. Ongaro only 4th in the heat lost his first place at the expense of Boots in the overall ranking. Everything will be played in the 5th round between Boots and Ongaro.

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