The 2017 Castle Creations Off-Road Jam was held at Fastlane Raceway in Kansas City, Missouri. In 2wd Mod Buggy Mitchel Gardner took the overall TQ but he will not take advantage of the TQ in the A-Main final where it will be overtaken by Brad Dean which will win the race. Despite a bad start XRAY’s Dillon Caldwell will push his car super hard until the 4th spot and after a great battle for a few laps for the 3rd spot, the 3rd place driver made a mistake and Dillon drove right by. At this point the race was almost over and Dillon was too far behind Gardner in 2nd to worry about an even better position. On the last lap, Gardner had a bad mistake and Dillon passed him in the last turn.

After the rounds of qualifying in 4wd Mod Buggy, Dillon took the overall TQ. In the beginning of the A-Main final Dillon dropped back and Gardner has taken the lead and he will never be caught up. Dillon had a good fight for the 3rd spot for most of the race and eventually he was able to get into the 3rd spot behin Tayler James in second.

In Stadium Truck Dillon took again the overall TQ by TQing 2 rounds of qualifying. In the A-Main final he was able to check out right from the start and ended up lapping the field. Braxten Culley in second and Josh Wiechens in third completed the podium.