Singapore’s electric buggy racing season flagged off this past weekend at the first round of the 2017 Urban Astro Buggy Championships. Ran at Urban PlaySpace in downtown Singapore, racers were greeted with a track layout sporting a new wall-ride as well as an elevated straight. This was concurrently a national series points scoring event. In the 2WD class, Esmail Apandi TQ-ed in front of Nicholas Lee and Kamen Koh. In the finals, Esmail took the Leg-1 win after an early mistake by Nicholas. In Leg 2, Nicholas bounced back with a win as Esmail tumbled in the tricky front-double section. With Kamen finishing 2nd in both Legs 1 and 3, there would be a 3-way showdown in the final leg. Leg 3 was a close affair with Esmail holding the early lead after mistakes by Nicholas dropped him to 4th. Never giving up, Nicholas put in a masterclass performance to close rapidly on Esmail. At 90secs remaining, Nicholas took advantage of a small opening as Esmail ran wide to take the lead. Nicholas held off the determined Esmail to win an exciting Leg, taking the overall win.

2WD Final Results

  1. Nicholas Lee – Yokomo
  2. Esmail Apandi – XRAY XB2
  3. Kamen Koh – Serpent
  4. Marc Seow – XRAY XB2
  5. Terence Low – SWorkz
  6. Thomas Teo – Serpent
  7. Didee – PR
  8. Fazly – PR
  9. Colin Tong – Yokomo

In the 4WD class, Nicholas Lee TQ-ed on a tie-break from Dennis Chiang, with Kamen Koh in 3rd. In the Leg 1 final, Dennis took the win in front of Nicholas as Nicholas lost his pole position advantage early on when he landed on his roof in the tricky down ramp chicane section. In Leg 2, Nicholas looked to be on his way to a come-back win when his servo gave up on him, handing Dennis the win in Leg 2 and an early overall victory. In Leg 3, Kamen was victorious while Marc Seow earned the 2nd spot.

4WD Final Results

  1. Dennis Chiang – XRAY XB4
  2. Kamen Koh – Serpent
  3. Marc Seow – XRAY XB4
  4. Nicholas Lee – Yokomo
  5. Terence Low – SWorkz
  6. Joe Hwee – Schumacher
  7. Didee – PR
  8. Ismail Saheeb – XRAY XB4
  9. Mohd Noh – Yokomo
  10. Almie – XRAY XB4
  11. Fazly – Intech