This past week-end was held the first round of the Grass Roots Series at Thunder Alley RC Raceway in Beaumont, CA. There were 148 entries for this 1 day race, this was the first time in a while that the Californians could get on a track to race due to the rain they had. It was a lot of fun, lots of big jumps and a technical layout. The track started out with some muddy spots and remained wet throughout the day, due to the moisture in the track it developed a lot of ruts and bumps so at times it was difficult to navigate.

Qualifying went well for XRAY’s Ty Tessmann who managed to TQ both rounds over Drew Moller qualified in 2nd and Cody King qualified in 3rd. In the main Moller starting from the 2nd position would challenge Tessmann throughout the race, at one point Tessmann would make a mistake allowing him to get by and then he would make a mistake giving Tessmann back the lead. The first fuel stop both drivers came in together, on the 2nd fuel stop Tessmann was approaching lapped traffic so Gord Tessmann called him a bit earlier giving Moller the lead for a lap. On the next lap Tessmann pitted and he regained the lead and was able to create a gap, and went on to take the win in front of Moller in second and Shawn Kirkman in third.