The specifications of the much anticipated XRAY XB8’17 have leaked on the web. A shop has posted a few details whicgives us a little more information on the buggy that will use the XRAY team in the 2017 season. Ty Tessmann who won the Grass Roots series at the Thunder Alley RC Raceway probably used it this weekend.


Here are some details:

  • All-new front, center and rear differential with increased oil volume that improves the oil consistency in long runs and new stronger 2.5mm diff pins for increased reliability.
  • All-new internal diff gears with more teeth and different teeth profile.
  • All-new diff outdrives, all-new 46T central diff gear to accommodate the new larger diff housing.
  • All-new front trailing steering blocks for increased forward traction and easier handling in all tracks but especially on rough tracks.
  • All-new graphite servosaver improves the reliability in dusty conditions.
  • All-new longer rear arms make car easier to drive in all track conditions. The arm is also more flex which helps to generate more traction.

  • All-new shorter rear suspension holders to accommodate the new longer suspension arms.
  • All-new graphite stiffeners for chassis guards eliminate chassis bending and are used to adjust the flex.
  • All-new hard alu clutch shoes which engage faster and provide a better feeling.
  • All-new steering block Ackermann plates with new steering characteristics.
  • All-new front lower suspension arm moved more frontwards to improve the balance of the car.
  • All-new composite front upper top deck is more flex and generates more steering and traction.
  • All-new alu steering posts to accommodate new front upper plate.

Coming soon!