Last weekend The Italian Job Race was held at the indoor facility IBR Padova in Italy. Many drivers were making their official debut with their new 2017 packages.

Among them Alex Zanchettin with Tekno/O.S. will quickly become the driver to beat in the qualification rounds. Alex will take the overall TQ from Marco Baruffolo and Reno Savoya. The 60 minutes final will be without Alex who had technical problems in the semifinal. At the start, Elliott Boots  will take the lead with Davide Ongaro very close behind him.

After three minutes Ongaro overtook the European champion and he began to widen the gap. Boots in second is under the pressure of Robert Batlle. At the 30th minutes, Ongaro will start to make some mistakes because of a loss of performance of his buggy which will enable Boots to take the 1st place. Meanwhile, Barufffolo goes up like a rocket and goes into 3rd position. Boots is now untouchable and Baruffolo fights with Ongaro still plagued with a buggy hard to handle. One more error from Ongaro will allow Baruffolo to grab the 2nd place. Boots took the win in front of Baruffolo in second and Ongaro in third.