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Last weekend were held the 30th annual CRCRC Winter Midwest Championships at The Ohio R/C Factory. Over 330 drivers attended to the race. Team Orion’s Dakotah Phend, Jared Tebo and Aaron Korhman will share the TQ: 2wd Modified Buggy, 4wd Modified Buggy and 2wd Modified SC for Phend, Modified Truck for Tebo and 4×4 Modified SCT for Korhman. In the finals Phend was able to win all classes except the Mod Truck which will be won by his teammate Tebo and the 4×4 Mod SCT which will be won by Aaron Korhmann. In 2WD Mod Buggy A-mains Phend takes the win in front of Ryan Cavalieri in second and Tebo in third.

4WD Mod Buggy again was for Phend who wins from Tebo and Cavalieri.

In 2WD Mod SCT Phend continues its momentum and win in front of Cavalieri and Tebo.

In Mod Truck Tebo won the race from Cavalieri and Cody Schroeder.

In 4×4 Mod SCT Aaron Korhmann took advantage of the TQ position to win the race.