Source: Maxima Mx Europa | @ FB | RadioControl

MAXIMA Mx Europa announced today that they have signed Portuguese star João Figueiredo to use the Maxima fuel as one of the official Team Drivers for next season. João is hightly motivated to attend the upcoming National and International events in 2017 as GP Montpellier, Neo Race, Kyosho Masters, Euro A and more.

“I’m very happy to join the Team Maxima for the upcoming season using their Fuel. I tried Maxima Fuel for the first time during the Worlds in Vegas and due to the fuel I was able to reach the 10 min mark on refueling and had a super stable idle. Also the temperature lowered a lot which helped on having a safer and powerful engine. I have to give a big thank you to Vasco Sousa from Maxima Mx Europa / RadioControl for giving me the opportunity to join the team, as I am sure we will do great things in the future”