This weekend the club of Borås MRK organized their annual traditional “Lucia-race”.  In 2wd Daniel Kobbevik would dominate qualifying by TQ’ing the first three qualifiers. In the first final Kobbevik and Alexander Landén got away cleanly, and Niclas “Nille” Månsson was able to pass Max Johansson and join in the top hunt. Kobbevik was keeping his lead, but made a slight mistake and got placed on the wrong track segment by a marshall, so he lost a lot of ground. This meant that the battle was on between Landén and Mansson. They were battling for a few laps and eventually Mansson managed to make an aggressive pass in the chicane and Landén got spun. Landén took up the chase and tried a passing maneuver at the end of the straight, but they tangled and Landén flipped so they finished in the order of Mansson first and Landén second.

The second final was again a clean start and Mansson was quickly able to get past Johansson, Kobbevik had probably made some changes to his car, and was clearly slower in the twisty sections so both Landén and Mansson were catching him fast and battling to get past, the three cars went into a jump section three and only Landén survived, and got a fairly good lead. Sadly, Landén made a mistake in one of the chicanes and ended up upside down in place hard for the marshal to reach, so he dropped down and finished third. Mansson picked up the lead and managed to secure the overall win by winning A2 as well. 

Third final was quite uneventful, Kobbevik broke free, and Landén tried to follow, but he had used up a little more tires in the earlier battles so Kobbevik was able pull clear and they finished in that order in the end, which established the overall order of Mansson, Landén and Kobbevik. Landén also secured the honor of best junior driver.

Overall A-main result:

  1. Niclas Mansson – Team Associated RC10 B6
  2. Alexander Landén – Xray XB2C
  3. Daniel Kobbevik – Team Yokomo YZ-2
  4. Marcus Lind – Team Yokomo YZ-2
  5. Otto Ausfelt – TeamAssociated RC10 B6
  6. Jesper Uvehall – TeamAssociated RC10 B6
  7. Pontus Larsson – TeamAssociated RC10 B6
  8. Calle Svensson – TeamAssociated RC10 B6
  9. Wilhelm Skjöldebrand – TeamAssociated RC10 B6
  10. Max Johansson – TeamAssociated RC10 B6