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Last weekend took place round three of the Silverstone Winter Series. Tom Yardy scored a dominant win in the 2WD class by TQing all 4 rounds of qualifying, and cruising to a final win by a comfortable margin. There was a close battle for 2nd between Eugene Galley and Jack Neal but eventually they tangled which allowed Richard Barton through to take 2nd and Iain Mellish took 3rd. In 4WD Greg Williams led a 1-2-3-4 finish ahead of Mark Fletcher, Matt Dodd, and Chris Ely. There was a close battle for the lead between Greg and Kev Lee but a late crash dropped Kev to 5th. The truck class was won by Richard Miller, with Russell Lee 2nd and Daniel Gardner 3rd.

2WD overall:

  1.  Tom Yardy
  2. Richard Barton
  3. Iain Mellish
  4. Jack Neal
  5. Eugene Galley
  6. Mark Fletcher
  7. Greg Williams
  8. Connor Cocker
  9. Ross Nicholson
  10. Dave Poulter

4WD overall:

  1. Greg Williams
  2. Mark Fletcher
  3. Matt Dodd
  4. Chris Ely
  5. Kev Lee
  6. Tom Stackhouse
  7. Duncan Rist
  8. James Harrold
  9. Liam Galvin
  10. Felix de Hamel

Truck overall:

  1. Richard Miller
  2. Russell Lee
  3. Daniel Gardner
  4. Darren pollard
  5. Paul Clarke
  6. Chris Hampson
  7. James York
  8. Mark love
  9. Shaun Mellett
  10. Ben Lloyd