JQ is back for another “Silly Season” episode 3.

Ty Tessmann – THEQuagraine calls it before HB even knew – Seismic scale meltdown somewhere in Central Europe.

Yeah, so I got in a bit of hot water in a way, putting out all the info about this potential move, as all parties were not on the same page regarding this at the time. I guess reading my blog for news is not ideal. Anyway, I was right. I would have lost that bet, I said I thought Ty would stay, he didn’t.

The only credible rumours I have heard link him to Xray. I heard AE, maybe something else, I can’t remember, but really the only solid, credible rumour is Xray. I think that’s where he will end up, and Gord too. It will be really interesting to see Ty wheel a completely different car. His setups are weird, which leads me to believe his driving style is too. Very curious to see how it all works out.

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