Past weekend was held round two of the Levante championship at the Elche track on the Alicante coast, Spain. Many drivers attended to the race with among them a big part of top 12 of Spanish championship such as Jorge Soler, Raul Daras Anton, Ignacio Candel, Joan Espasa and Bryan and Oscar Baldo with their new Picco powered TLR 8IGHT. The track was muddy during all weekend because heavy rain the week before but perfect for the final. Qualifying rounds saw Bryan baldo taking the overall TQ. In final Bryan led the most part of the race but after a mistake the marshal put the hands on the muffler and stoped the engine. Oscar who was nearby took the lead and the win in front of Jorge Soler and Ignacio Candel in second and third respectively.

Thanks to Bryan Baldo for the report.