Word on the rather gridlocked Gossip Straße is that TLR‘s star driver Dakotah Phend may be heading towards the stage exit at Team Orion. The ‘Phenom’ having raced with the celebrated Swiss company for much of his blossoming Pro racing career since 2008.

Phend hitting the offroad headlines for some his unique charging drives and battles at the front with peers such as Tessmann & Co, this is the latest gossip adding yet another chapter to what many are calling the ‘craziest silly season ever’, with no less than all top 6-7 ranked drivers expected to make at least one change heading into 2017’s interim nitro Worlds season.

According to the rumours, we hear Dakotah is switching both his nitro and electric programmes from Team Orion, unlike current team mate Ryan Maifield who elected to continue running for Orion in electric only.