Serpent have introduced two optional parts for the Spyder SRX2 MH, a new brass mount and 4-gear standing gearbox. Starting with the brass mount. It mounts in the rear front and replaces the aluminum version as used standard in the SRX2 MH kits. The brass mount is heavier than the aluminum version and its extra weight is used for balancing the car to the drivers preference.

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Next up is the 4-gear standing transmission set. The 4-gear standing transmission will work well on low to medium traction tracks and is easier to handle/ more forgiving compared to the more aggressive 3-gear standing set-up. (which comes as standard in the kit and used a lot in the stock-class) The set includes a light machined alu motor-plate, the transmission cases, idler shafts and gears and bearings and hardware as needed.