Past weekend the Boras MRK hosted round 2 of the WBC Cup at one of the best indoor tracks in Sweden. In 4WD, following the rounds of qualifying Daniel Kobbevik took the overall TQ ahead Hampus Berg 2nd and Alexander Landén 3rd. The first final was very static for a long time where Kobbevik was leading and Alexander was putting a lot of pressure on Hampus. Kobbevik made a mistake and dropped down and Alexander was then running second, but got hit by a car that was re-entering the track and dropped down the field. Eventually he managed to salvage third with Kobbevik taking first and Hampus second.

The second final saw a different scenario, where Hampus made a mistake in the first lap and he was unable to return at the forefront. Alexander stayed with Kobbevik for a few laps, but had a traction roll and Marcus Lind overtook him. It was really hard to overtake on the track, so Alexander wasn’t able to pass even if he was able to hunt Marcus down. Finish order was Kobbevik, Lind and Landén. With this win, Kobbevik secured overall victory.

In the final round Daniel took the lead but had an issue and had to stop. This meant that Hampus and Alexander were running 1st and 2nd. Alexander was again putting pressure on Hampus who held up well, and with passing opportunities limited, a mistake from Hampus was needed to be able to pass. When there was less than a minute left, Hampus and Alexander were nose-to-tail and were passing a lapped car. Unluckily the driver made a mistake just in front of Hampus so all three got tangled. Hampus was able to break free, but Alexander got stuck, so there were a few seconds lost there. Unfortunately, it was too much to be able to catch up before the end of the race, so the finishing order was Hampus, Alexander and Hugo Bjurman.

4wd Overall:

  1. Daniel Kobbevik – Team Yokomo YZ-4
  2. Hampus Berg – HB Racing D413
  3. Alexander Landén – XRAY XB4
  4. Marcus Lind – Team Yokomo YZ-4
  5. Elias Johansson – XRAY XB4
  6. Hugo Bjurman – XRAY XB4
  7. Victor Gunnarsson – HB Racing D413
  8. Lukas Larsson – XRAY XB4
  9. Frank Holmgren – Yokomo
  10. Malin Karlsen – XRAY XB4