As of late Jared Tebo was the target of rumors about his departure from Kyosho. To clarify his situation and put an end to rumors that could jeopardize his relations with Kyosho, Tebo posted this release on Facebook:

“Just want to shut down these rumors of me leaving Kyosho. That is not true, I still have 2 years left in my 5 year contract. The end of 2018 will be 10 years with Kyosho, and I hope we continue on after that! I have never even had any contact with Infinity, so I’m not sure how that ball even started rolling.

I enjoy seeing all this rumor mill stuff, but just felt like I should clear the air on that one. Can’t wait for 2017, I’m extremely happy with my program and it should be an interesting year with all the changes going on with some top drivers. Thanks”,

Jared Tebo.