Past weekend was held the 2rd round of the MIO. The 2wd class will be a very intense and close race between Thibault Jacqueloot, Jarno Pijpers and Bart Wubben. In the first final Jacqueloot and Pijpers were fighting for the whole race, and Jacqueloot manage to stay in first ahead Pijpers 2nd. In the second final Pijpers made a few mistakes at the beginning, so he had to drive back to the front. Finally, after a few minutes, he was back close to Wubben and Jacqueloot were fighting it out.

Finally they crashed into each other and Pijpers took the oportunity to grabed the second position. In the last lap Jacqueloot made a mistake and Pijpers won the final. The third final was really intense, since Pijpers had to finish in front of Jacqueloot for the overall win. After a few minutes of battling with Wubben, Pijpers passed him and he caught up with Jacqueloot and he overtaook him but after a few laps he made a mistake and Jacqueloot took the lead and the win. In the 4wd class Nigel Van Katwijk took the win in front of Bart Wubben 2rd and David Pauwels 3th.