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HB Racing is looking for dedicated, hard working racers that want to take their race program to the next level. Multiple levels of sponsorship mean there’s a variety of spots open on the HB Racing team… from club racers to World Champions. And there’s a clear path to the top, with the right skills and dedication you can make it happen. If you’re interested in joining the HB Racing Team please send your race resume with results from the past 2 years to your nearest HB Racing Team Manager.

Adrien Bertin, Global Team Manager
European Drivers can send resumes to: adrien@neidhart.com

Chad Phillips, USA East Coast Team Manager
USA East Coast Drivers can send resumes to: cphillips@absolutehobbyz.com

Victor Guerrero, USA West Coast Team Manager
USA West Coast Drivers can send resumes to: Victorguerrero720@yahoo.com