Yesterday JQ covered the silly season as far as cars were concerned. Today I figured I would cover the 3 US tyre brands. The big boys are playing musical chairs it seems.


I have seen this before. You know how PL won 4 or 5 WC in a row? Yes they have a great product, but they also sponsor anyone they can, with a chance of making the main in a worlds year. It happens every time. Then after the worlds, they kick the majority of them off. Or if not kick them off, significantly reduce their deals, and they end up leaving. I remember in 2008 after the Worlds they reduced the team to something like 5 drivers worldwide, from 17 million. And incredibly I was one of those 5, for which I will be forever thankful. Unfortunately we parted ways later, as I was developing THECar, and I was a privateer for a couple of years, opting to run whatever I wanted.

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