Ok, been thinking about this post for a while now, been a bit hesitant to post. Had some info which was hush hush, had a lot of questionable info, but now, after weeks, I have heard things from so many places, and so openly, that it’s time to do a pre-silly season analysis. Soon you can all laugh at how stupid I am, or kneel at my feet.

Ryan Maifield – Leaves TLR – Joins Mugen – Never lets go of throttle.

WTF, yes, that’s my thoughts too. I mean what the hell is going on. Then I sit back and look at the facts. Exhibit A: Maifield joined TLR at least in part thanks to Adam Drake. Drake then got canned by TLR before Maifield even got to race with TLR, and he went to Mugen. Exhibit B: Drivers have been leaving Mugen, Ongaro, Martin, Baldo’s, could it be because Mugen was making room for Maifield.

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