This past weekend were held the 2016 ROAR Region 9 1/10th championships held at the world famous Thornhill racing circuit on their JR track. Last year this race had 56 entries, but this year the numbers almost doubled with 101 entries making it the biggest 1/10th only race in Texas in many years. In the 2WD mod truck class it would be Ethan Lefebvre taking the TQ in qualifying followed by Andrew Clark and Bill Delong. In the first main Ethan would take the win by 6 seconds over Alex Vaughan and Andrew Clark 3rd. In the second main Ethan would get a great start and keep building on his lead and finished a lap over the rest and take home the overall.


In the 2WD mod buggy class the competition would be very tight as the top 2 would be separated by less than a second and 3rd-7th would be separated by 3 seconds. At the end Aaron Breuer would take TQ and Ethan Lefebvre would take 2nd. In the first of two mains Aaron and Ethan had a great battle throughout the main, finishing in the same order as they have had started. In the second main Aaron made a mistake over the triple and ended his race.


Finally in the 4WD mod buggy class Ethan Lefebvre took TQ over Trevor Nault by only 2 seconds with XRAY teammate Mike Stolli in 3rd and Aaron Breuer in 4th. In the first main, Ethan got a great start and opened up a few second lead but with about 45 seconds left he would crash and let Aaron get around for the win and Ethan finishing up .5 second behind. In the second main Ethan made a mistake on the first lap putting him all the way back to 6th. At the halfway point he had moved back into the lead and never looked back to take his 3rd ROAR Region 9 championship of the night!