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This week-end was the annual Winter Cup at world famous indoor track IBR Padova in Italy. 202 entries in 2 classes: E-Buggy, Sport Nitro Buggy and Pro Nitro Buggy. Some of the fastest worlds drivers where in attendance such as Savoya, Tessmann, Batlle, Ongaro, Boots, Bloomfield, Zanchettin, Barrufolo and more. On friday and saturday, 3 rounds of qualifications were racing, with the 2 best counting for the overall. Andréa Russo using the RC Concept MC3R took the overall TQ and was the only one to race 8 laps over 5mins. In the Pro Class, Savoya took 3rd overall using the MC5R.

Sunday was the main day, with a classic US final tree: A-main with 10 drivers plus 4 bump-up from the B-main. In Sport Class, Andréa Russo decided to use the « soon to be released » RC Concept « Energy Fuel » on its MC3R. Andréa took the early lead while some mistake put him 2nd and then 3rd. Nevertheless Andrea drove awesome the last 15mins and claimed the overall win to complete a perfect week-end.

In Pro Class, the first 10 mins were a 3 way battle wit Tessman, Savoya and Barrufolo. While some crashes put Marco in the back, Tessmann took the advantage from Savoya. Boots came from the back to take a 2nd overall while Savoya took 3rd overall with its MC5R engine. Appointment in 2017 with some great surprises and more development … stay tuned!

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